Breaking through the dark legacy of violence and suffering

We provide advanced psychological support to help Cambodian children escape the burden of three generations of traumatization.

The Khmer genocide has left a lasting traumatization of violence and suffering that spreads silently through poverty and across generations. Half a century later it is estimated that 40% of Cambodian people suffer mental issues, traumas from the genocide, domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. Although they did not experience the genocide, the young generation suffers from the same traumas as their elders. The needs for psychosocial and mental health care in rural Cambodia are huge, as expressed by the most internationally renowned Khmer psychiatrists.


On behalf of Lightrise Childcare, the Angkor Institute of Consciousness has initiated a collaboration with those Khmer experts through the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (major social actor in mental health in Cambodia) to join forces and create new integrated solutions to assist collective healing. We sponsored the venue and tailored teachings of Dr Beth Hedva, internationally renowned expert on transpersonal therapies from the Canadian Institute for Transpersonal and Integrative Sciences.

30+ professionals of mental health have been trained, who in turn trained social workers all over the country. Techniques have been integrated in recovery programs nation-wide for genocide survivors, abused women and children victims of violence and abuses.

Training workshop for professionals of mental health and social workers, Phnom-Penh 2022
Online follow-up with feedback and impact assessment, Calgary - Paris - Phnom Penh, 2023


We started training teachers at the Association Cambodia Child First school in the rural and poor village of Stoeng Bakong. We raised awareness of children and youth to emotional intelligence and their ability to self-regulate destabilizing emotions.

3 teachers trained to support students with basics, printed materials were provided, 200 children of 6-18 years old experienced self-care tools and were encouraged to develop compassion, gratitude and hope. 

Teaching basic emotional intelligence, self-regulation skills and guided meditation in rural school, Stoeng Bakong 2023

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