We will help Hungarian Women and their families
understand more about their mental heath issues and traumas

Following Word War I and the disintegration of Austria-Hungary, new borders were defined and more than 1.5 million Hungarian found themselves becoming a minority group in Romania. Today, the Hungarian ethnic minority of Romania is estimated to comprise over 1.1 million people (as per the 2021 Romanian census). 

During the Romanian Revolution in 1989, the Timisoara uprising underwent a manufactured mediatic coverage which shocking images remain vivid in public memories.

Lightrise Childcare was born out of our primordial wish to address transgenerational traumas and survivors guilt from mass disasters.

We will liase with Barbara Makkai, President of the Hungarian Women Association, therapist and counselor. Our books will help unravelling mental health issues – particularly the traumas of the adolescents, and help bringing healing within the community.

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Your donation helps us provide training to a Hungarian minority community and support healing from transgenerational traumas.


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