We will reinforce the rise of peers supporters in Kenya
and assist a missionary group in South Sudan

Political instabilities leave many Kenyan people to face forms of repression and violence. The struggling with unemployment and limited livelihood opportunities also lead many to marginal or violent behaviour (depression, substance abuse, gender based violence, child neglect or abuse). Mental health infrastructure remain limited in the country. 

Military and intercommunal conflicts in South Sudan continue to fuel violence and devastate the population with deaths, injuries and displacement of thousands of civilians.


One major goal of Lightrise Childcare is to rise Wounded Healers, community people who have journeyed through their own struggles and empower themselves to share the wisdom they learned and help others. 

In Kenya, such people are called the Peers Supporters (adult counselors) and YACH (Youth Advisory Champions for Health) for the young leaders from youth councils. As outlined by a recent study carried out in Kenya [1], the adolescents and young people express more comfort in peer-to-peer mental health services and requested more adolescent YACH to be trained and stationed in health care settings.  

In line with our objective and these observations, we want to reinforce the rise of Kenyan Peers Supporters and YACH, in  collaboration of a local psychologist and church counselor, Anne Njuguna.

The books will be distributed in rural communities to help upgrade counseling skills and inspire new supporters and new young champions. Complementary trainings (online and in-presence) would ideally enhance our impact.

[1] Voices from the Youth in Kenya addressing mental health gaps and recommendations, Memiah et al, 2022, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 19(9):5366.


Our local contact Anne Njuguna is holding monthly support sessions for a missionary group operating in South Sudan. Composed of doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, the group is providing medical assistance in rural areas. The objective of the sessions are to debrief on the psychological issues and traumas encountered during the missions and receive some counseling support.

Using this trail, we will provide books to civilians in South Sudan. We also want to provide online training to the staff so they are able to directly support their beneficiaries in need.

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