An enchanted children’s theater for psycho-therapeutic care


A moment in time, to play and rejoice

Children are invited on an enchanted escape, where they can amaze and reconnect with their original innocence.

Sceneries are co-created by the children group with the impulse of therapists, inspired by caring needs, Khmer legends and boundless fantasies.

Unveil the unsaid sufferings

Throughout art and group therapy, the unsaid sufferings and repressed emotions are softly revealed to be embraced with love.

Be guided to compassion

Quiet moment in meditation. Children are guided to connect with their higher selves where compassion and love are restored.

They experience the inner place where to unwind and draw strength whenever needed, it is there forever.

Dream a life that can be.

Inner connectedness and trust in life are anchored, opening the way to welcome the magic …

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